Language course and saving economic

Occasionally, administrations and companies used in their communications and documents a nearly incomprehensible language: empty or ambiguous words, phrases twisted, excess of subordinates, etc.Citizens are facing the problem did not reach to properly understand communications each day given to institutions and companies, such as letters, invoices, instructions, judgments, fines, or forms.

About this problem have debated experts, journalists and linguists for the XII International Seminar of language and journalism l, organized at the beginning of may by the Foundation San Millán de la Cogolla and the urgent Spanish Foundation, promoted by the agency EFE and BBVA.


After putting the issue on the table has come to a solid conclusion: language course is a right of citizens that they must respect the administrations and companies for which, moreover, is profitable.

If a user or citizen can easily find the information you need and understand it without difficulty, you will be able, thanks to her, the decisions that affect their daily lives and their future.

Clear communication is profitable because clear communication affects positively to their economic performance and their reputation, increases confidence in the companies and institutions and saves costs resulting from an incorrect understanding of different documents .

Shown when a specific product to used many users is accompanied by clear instructions, descending dramatically calls to call centers to ask doubts arising from misunderstanding or the ignorance.

And this concept also holds true in the case of translations. If the instructions for use or handling of a product, for example, is translated by professional translators (native and specialized), companies that marketed the product will obtain significant economic savings, increasing also the degree of confidence of the user to the company or brand.